Ten Million in cash. What would you do?

Author: Greg /

Everyone has heard it before. What would you do if someone gave you 10 million dollars in cash? I hear a lot of quick responses like: Buy a new house! Buy a small Island! Throw a party! Go on vacation! All fair answers, but did you ever stop and really think about it? I would like to think this is what I would do.
First, everyone in my family would be secure. They, "over the years" have helped me through so many bad situations, from health to finances. Next I would buy my favorite 80 acres from my dad and have my best friend build a large log home on it. It's what he does. The home would be large enough for my wife and I, and my retired mother in-law "if she wanted to live here" to call home. I would also have about 3 guest rooms for visitors "the kids". Another floor would be a walk out basement fully finished for a special friend and his mother. They would know that they would never have to worry about anything again.
With that being done. I would set out on my biggest adventure yet.

The building of a new state of the art facility for Mid Michigan Industries. This is where I work. Its a building and a company that helps people with mental and physical barriers, to move past those barriers and get back into the real world, work place. I dream of the day, when I could see a facility with a full staff of physical therapists working with persons served, having pools and whirlpools for for therapy, having work out equipment, and the mats for stretching. how cool would that be? To have a full time RN on staff. To have a medical station for monitoring people who are on tricky medications. The possibilities are endless. I would love to be the hub of innovation.
I look at what we have now, and how well we utilize it. And can't even fathom our full potential. I'm telling you, It would be so cool!
So in short, That is why I play the publishers clearing house sweepstakes every year. And some others. Have a Great day! Thanks for reading, Greg


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Great post and dream. Hope it comes true - Good luck with your blog:)

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